1923 Cleveland A2 De Luxe (2024)

Photography by Thomas A. DeMauro

Imagine discovering a one-of-a-kind PPG Indy Car World Series Pace Car while shopping dealers of pre-owned vehicles for a daily driver. In early 2020, that’s exactly what Mike Blaze did. Then he bought it!

The production engineer from southwestern Pennsylvania, recalls, “I was looking for an SUV at Marion Motors in Connellsville, when talk turned to cars. The owner had an AC Cobra (kit car) in his garage and asked if I would like to see it. While walking through the six bays, I saw something under a cover and asked about it.” It was this 1981, GM X-body-based, front-wheel-drive, Oldsmobile Omega PPG Pace Car showing just-under-14,000-miles. “I’d never seen anything like it,” Mike admits, “so I looked it over inside and out.”

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1923 Cleveland A2 De Luxe (2024)


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