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Item #: SCP-2904

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2904 is to be stored in the Site-19 Deep-Sigma storage vault at all times except when required for use. When outside of this vault it is to be accompanied by no less than three armed security personnel chosen at random from the standby duty roster.

SCP-2904 is not to be handled with bare hands except by MTF Pi-20 personnel as required by their duties. See below for details (classified level 3/2904 / level 4). Unless in active use it is to remain in the secure transport container provided, including while it is in storage.

All further testing of SCP-2904 is prohibited by order of the O5 council dated 20/10/1988. Approval for testing on previously-created SCP-2904-1 instances may be sought using standard research request protocols.

Description: SCP-2904 is an oblate spheroid with an equatorial radius of 4.982cm. It is composed of osmium alloyed with 2.3% tungsten, 0.6% iron, 0.4% carbon and 0.3% unidentified exotic matter. Its mass is 10.075kg ±0.347kg. This variation in mass is due to the measured mass of SCP-2904 varying according to a sine function with a period equal to the sidereal orbital period of the Earth’s moon (27.3 days). The mass is at its greatest when the moon is aligned with the galactic center as viewed from the Earth. It has not yet been determined what connection, if any exists between the object and the Earth’s moon.

There is a 3-mm-deep depression or dimple at one of SCP-2904’s poles. A 1-mm-deep groove or channel extends away from this depression and traces a complex path across the object’s surface. This groove has the anomalous property of beginning and ending at the polar depression without crossing or looping back on itself and only touching the polar depression at a single point. The implication of this is that SCP-2904 is an intrusion into three-dimensional space of a higher-dimensional object.

The primary anomalous effect of SCP-2904 is activated by a living entity directly touching the object and tracing the groove in the object’s surface over its entire path, beginning and ending at the polar depression. Humans who have carried out this procedure report that the object grows painfully hot to the touch and pulses or beats like a heart for a few seconds immediately after the procedure is completed. The heat and pulsing then expands to affect their entire body before quickly waning. Monitoring devices have been unable to detect any changes in the object’s or exposed individuals' temperature or dimensions to account for this sensation. All entities in direct contact with SCP-2904 when it is activated are exposed to its anomalous effect, and are hereafter designated as instances of SCP-2904-1

SCP-2904-1 instances display the following traits:

  • Instances cease ageing. The earliest instances were exposed over 60 years ago (as of 2005) and show no significant changes to their health or physical makeup since exposure.
  • Instances gain a low-level regenerative ability. Tests have shown that a minor (3cm long, 1cm deep) cut is fully healed without scarring in approximately three days and an amputated limb is fully regrown and functional in approximately eight months.
  • Instances show an enhanced resistance to toxins and disease.
  • Instances do not require food or water but do still require air.
  • Instances suffer from memory difficulties similar to anterograde amnesia. However, unlike most cases of anterograde amnesia, both procedural memory and declarative memory are affected. SCP-2904-1 instances cannot retain new memories or learn via conditioning.
  • Instances demonstrate a significant resistance or outright immunity to many memetic hazards, cognitohazards and related phenomena.

These changes are not caused by altered biology as was previously believed, but by an anti-causal effect. Whenever a SCP-2904-1 instance is changed either physically or mentally, it reverts to its state at the time of exposure. For reasons that are poorly understood, the mental reversion occurs on a greatly reduced timescale when compared to the physical reversion. SCP-2904-1 instances have not been documented to be able to retain any new information for periods in excess of 393 seconds.

It should be noted that SCP-2904-1 instances can still be killed by most means that would normally kill an entity of their type. The reversion effect continues after death; after sufficient time, life signs return. However, all SCP-2904-1 instances who have died and then returned to life in this manner have thereafter remained in a comatose state from which they cannot be awakened.

Recovery: SCP-2904 was recovered in 1935 from a dig site in Jammu and Kashmir, approximately ██ km north of Skardu. This dig site was excavated after information was retrieved from SCP-1726 which indicated that this site was of significance to the Daeva. Unlike other, similar sites that have been excavated, this site contained traces of non-Daeva occupation as well as the expected Daeva artifacts.

SCP-2904 was discovered in a partially-collapsed, underground chamber 300m from the central concentration of recovered artefacts. It was buried in rubble composed of finely-worked stone, badly-corroded copper fragments and iron oxide residue. It is hypothesised that SCP-2904 was part of a larger device or mechanism of unknown purpose. The remains found near SCP-2904 are of a style distinctly different to that typical of Daeva artefacts and are believed to be of non-Daeva origin.





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SCP-2904 - SCP Foundation (2024)


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